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Mythical Melodies: Stories of the Twisted Key Series

savior of dragons mythical melodies twisted key ya fantasy
Short Story 1

Saving Garlic

ya fantasy
Saving Garlic

While playing hide-and-seek, a group of children stumble upon a strange man, covered in garments and rags from head to toe. The children soon realize that this oddly dressed stranger is no ordinary man, but someone who possesses incredible knowledge….

The children are asked to help him navigate through their town without raising any suspicion and what’s even more unusual, they must help him without being told why. The group of children decide to vote whether they’ll provide aid to this mysterious stranger. After all the votes have been cast, Michael as the leader of the group, and last to cast his vote, is the only person who stands in the way.

The Ghosts of Ian Stanley Series

ghost books for teens
Book 1

A teen ghost fiction follows young Ian Stanley, haunted by the ghosts of serial killers.

Some kids are afraid of ghosts. Ian Stanley can’t stand them.

If you enjoy Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan, City of Ghosts or Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab, you may enjoy this thrilling series of The Ghosts of Ian Stanley.

Life isn’t easy for a kid who sees ghosts. It’s bad enough he’s different from everyone else. It’s even worse that the ghosts are just as mean as his classmates! That’s just reality for Ian Stanley: a kid so weird even his supernatural pals don’t like him.

With a mangy cast of murderers following him around, Ian Stanley knows he’s not a normal child. It’s bad enough these psycho specters are out to drive him nuts, but they’re making it hard to fit in. Even his only confidant Madison may not be the friend he really needs. But things for Ian are about to get even more complicated.

When a spooky tip comes in that may mean life or death for someone in his neighborhood, Ian finds himself having to choose between what is right and what is deadly. Ghosts may be scary, but in the case of Ian Stanley, the real terror is the unknown.

Join Ian Stanley on his quest to live a normal life amidst a cast of ghosts determined to create as much mayhem and mischief as possible.

The Living Lore Series

living lore ya fantasy
Book 1: The Shades of the Abyss
Book 2: Horde of Shadows

Due to COVID-19, several books have been postponed for publication.

We are working diligently to publish Horde of Shadows in 2022.

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