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The Red Texts Club

middle grade teen science fiction scifi
Book 1

Dive into a mesmerizing world where reality and mystery collide! In The Red Texts Club, follow the captivating journey of Benny, Kirsten, and Liam – three teenagers bound by fate, each possessing a unique skill that will unravel the enigma threatening their world.
Benny, the teenage puzzle-solver extraordinaire, Kirsten, the gaming prodigy with an uncanny strategic mind, and Liam, the handsome football player defying expectations, receive cryptic texts that thrust them into an alternate realm. Guided by the enigmatic Marilyn, they’re asked to confront the sinister Evie, who is stealing children away and throwing them into a chilling void.
From dazzling puzzles that only Benny can solve, heart-pounding battles demanding Liam’s strength, to cunning strategies where Kirsten shines, this trio embarks on a quest that’ll test their limits. As they journey through an “unfinished” world with monsters, they’ll need every ounce of their combined talents to thwart Evie and her malevolent plans.
Buckle up for a roller-coaster ride of suspense, camaraderie, and self-discovery. This tale will transport you to the edge of the void, where bravery knows no bounds.