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Book 1: Potion Commotion

Life for Gwynevere couldn’t be better. Preparing potions and honing her skills in order to qualify for the prestigious Ashen Academy has filled her days with magic and learning. With her pal and  rat familiar Samuel by her side, the future looks bright and promising for this young witch. However, life is about to get flipped upside-down in more ways than one. First, the discovery of a dead body in town changes everything she’s ever known. Why are the police after her?

On the run, Gwynevere finds herself in a strange town where magic is forbidden. By chance, she meets Evelyn a half-witch like herself and her cat familiar Rufus. Gwynevere is excited to have a  new friend amidst the chaos but fearful she may have put Evelyn and her father’s lives in danger.  She’s right. There’s another murder and the police are closing in. Will Gwynevere solve the murders? Can she prove her innocence?

Book 2: Bittersweet Deceit

Gwynevere and Evelyn’s mishaps continue in Bittersweet Deceit. A dhampir and witch paranormal cozy mystery.

Evelyn has barely settled in her new home with her sister Gwynevere when they are invited to attend the prestigious Ashen Academy. They’re amazed to find out that their mentor is none other than Meryl Ambrosius, a direct descendant of the powerful wizard Merlin. Just as their lives begin to settle, their world is turned upside down.

There’s been a murder at Magdalyn Proctor’s house. Meryl’s raven familiar alerts the girls that she’s been kidnapped. Once again, the young witches find themselves entangled in another murder case. With each troubling clue they uncover, they struggle with the bitter realization that they may be too late to save their teacher and solve the murder before the villain escapes.

Join Evelyn, Gwynevere and her familiar Samuel as they race to solve another mystery.

Ophelia P.I. Series

Book 1

The Coffee House Sleuths Series

Book 1: A Garden to Die For

Michael West just purchased an amazing home facing the ocean in a small North Carolina town, and has finally won over the hearts of the locals. He befriended a beautiful woman named Ellie and her best friend Olivia, owners of the Bitter Sweet Café. And he is finally living his dream, writing his first mystery novel. His past life, his loveless marriage, his backbreaking corporate job, is now a distant memory. What could possibly go wrong?

A body is found in Michael’s backyard, and suddenly he’s the main suspect. His life is turned upside down. He left Boston to get away from the madness. Just as things begin to work them selves out, there’s another murder with all the clues leading back to Michael. His life is in chaos,  the locals are turning against him, he’s a murder suspect, and now, he may lose the house of his dreams.

Book 2: A Mummy to Die For

Michael West is loving his new life in the small, quaint beach town of Lana Cove, North Carolina. He’s settled into his daily routine, visiting his two best friends Olivia and Ellie—owners of the Bitter Sweet Café—writing his new best-selling mystery while nestled into his writer’s nook on the café’s outside deck with a view of the ocean and the boardwalk. Life couldn’t be better. Until….Hugo, a larger than life, charismatic archeologist rolls into town with his world-famous Egyptian Mummy exhibit. Hugo captures Ellie’s eye with his good looks and fantastical tales of his adventures. Stoking Michael’s jealousy, he gives her VIP tickets to the premiere.Hugo’s inner circle begins to crumble apart as his behavior becomes more impulsive and arrogant. Then a powerful journalist calls him a fraud and begins a campaign to destroy his reputation. In the midst of all of this drama, Hugo disappears, and is nowhere to be found..

What happened to Hugo? Had he had enough of the bickering and in-fighting? The excitement escalates as the small group begins blaming each other for Hugo’s disappearance—the truth slowly begins to unravel, but is it the truth or another misdirection?

Upcoming Book: A Voyage to Die For

Due to COVID-19, several books have been postponed for publication.

We are working diligently to publish A Voyage to Die For in 2022.

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Upcoming Book: A Role to Die For

Due to COVID-19, several books have been postponed for publication.

We are working diligently to publish A Role to Die For In 2021.

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The Coffee House Sleuths: A Christmas Cozy Mystery Series

Book 1: Sleighed

You better watch out! Sometimes, Santa isn’t who you think he is.

Christmas has descended on Lana Cove. It should be a time of merriment, but in one swoop, a  news broadcast changes everything.

Michael, an author, finds himself on the trail of a rogue Santa, intent on ruining Christmas and the lives of some residents. George is the usual Santa for Lana Cove, so who is the secretive newcomer, and why is he taking over all of George’s jobs?

Along with his friends Ellie and Olivia, Michael needs to find out what’s going on, before things get out of hand. But when a body is found, things take a sinister turn. Another bizarre bend in Michael’s investigative road is a mysterious stranger asking to meet him – alone. 

Who killed the victim? Why have they gone to such lengths with a smoke-and-mirrors approach? And will Michael, Ellie, and Olivia catch the person responsible for creating so much unhappiness in the season that has turned into anything but jolly?