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The Haunted Mansion

Ava and Carol Detective Agency: The Haunted Mansion

It’s Christmas – so why not accept a dare to explore a creepy old haunted house?

Fearless best friends Ava and Carol set out to prove that the Butcher house isn’t haunted. Only, Carol is pretty sure she saw something inside one of the windows – and moments later they are chased by a headless monster!?

The Haunted Mansion

The girls receive an ominous threat, Stay Away or Else! Now, more than ever the girls are determined to find out who is trying to scare them away. But before they can continue their investigation, a string of mysterious robberies take place. The thieves simply vanish without a trace.

Join Ava and Carol as they race against time to track down a headless monster terrorizing the neighborhood, solve the mystery behind the Butcher house and stop a band of ruthless thieves before they strike again!

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