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The Eye of God

Ava and Carol Detective Agency: The Eye of God

For Ava and Carol, the famous pair of middle school sleuths, even a casual visit to the National Gallery of Art can lead to a mystifying and pulse-racing adventure.

In The Missing Painting, the girls team up with local police and a museum security guard to unlock the clues behind a painting that’s missing, yet still there, and a painting that’s there…but really not? And what about that strange old lady they saw lurking on the premises?

The Eye of God

The mystery only deepens for the two super-sleuths as they uncover more clues locked in a painting itself, pointing to a legendary “eye” that somehow connects to an old church. From there, a bountiful treasure waits to be found! Yet, danger lurks ahead as the girls match wits with some malicious-minded criminals willing to do anything to get their hands on the riches.

A battle that draws in Ava’s parents and puts her dad in an assassin’s crosshairs leads the girls across the famous James River and ultimately into some serious mall mayhem. Will Carol and Ava get to the treasure in time, save Ava’s father, and put the bad guys where they belong? Follow the clues in The Missing Painting and find out!