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The Crown Jewels Mystery

Ava and Carol Detective Agency: The Crown Jewels Mystery

What could be more thrilling than solving a hundred-year crime?

Ava and Carol enter a contest where the stakes are high. Find the famed Irish Crown Jewels and win a $10,000 prize. If anyone can locate these priceless treasures, it’s Ava and Carol, middle school super sleuths extraordinaire.

The Crown Jewels Mystery

The girls, along with their friend Derik, embark on an adventure to solve the mystery of the missing jewels. If they win, they agree to use the reward money to help a mother with a physically challenged child get a much-needed surgery.

Ava and Carol uncover secrets hidden within historical landmarks. Join the girls as they trek across Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts and compete with other contestants, some of whom have nefarious intentions.

One mystery soon leads to another, forcing Ava, Carol, and Derik to use every detective skill they possess to crack the clues, and stay ahead of the competition.

If your child likes learning about history, and solving puzzles, this fun, fast-paced mystery will surely delight them.

The Crown Jewels Mystery is the sixth book in the Ava & Carol Detective Agency series.

Buy it today to join Ava and Carol in this thrilling historical fiction mystery!