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Meeting Renee: A Prequel Vignette

In the heart of 1660s New York, lies an enchanting secret hidden within Ophelia Windsor’s apothecary. Ophelia harbors a magical talent that transcends mere potion brewing. When a mysterious stranger with profound magical prowess steps into her shop, he sets up a meeting for her with the High Sorceress, Renee Swan.

Intrigued by the mysterious stranger’s proposition, Ophelia’s curiosity is piqued. With a blend of anticipation and apprehension, she decides to attend the arranged meeting, eager to uncover the intentions behind this unexpected invitation. As she prepares to meet Renee Swan, the High Sorceress renowned for her formidable power and wisdom, Ophelia feels a thrilling surge of excitement. The prospect of an audience with such an esteemed figure in the magical community is both an honor and a puzzle. What could the High Sorceress possibly want with a humble apothecary owner? As their paths cross, a new chapter unfolds in Ophelia’s life, marking the beginning of an extraordinary alliance and a journey rife with enchantment, challenges, and a deep-seated camaraderie that will echo through the ages.