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Ava and Carol Detective Agency: Dognapped

When a famous show dog “Mr. Binxley” is stolen, twelve-year-old detectives, Ava and Carol jump at the opportunity to track down the dognapper.

A strand of hair, a giant shoeprint – the girls begin putting together a series of clues and suspects that lead them closer to the bad guy. But just when they think they’ve figured everything out, a new clue is revealed that changes everything. Suddenly the girls are back to square one, and time is running out for Mr. Binxley.


Join Ava and Carol in book four of the exciting Ava and Carol Detective Agency series. Children of all ages will enjoy this fast paced book.

Dognapped showcases Ava and Carol’s investigative and forensic skills as they dust for fingerprints, collect and analyze hair samples, cast footprints, create a hidden camera and use mobile apps and the internet to help catch the criminals.