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Ava and Carol

The Haunted Mansion

Ava and Carol Detective Agency: The Haunted Mansion

by Thomas Lockhaven
It’s Christmas – so why not accept a dare to explore a creepy old haunted house? Fearless best friends Ava and Carol set out to prove that the Butcher house isn’t haunted. Only, Carol is pretty sure she saw something inside one of the windows – and moments later they are chased by a headless monster!?


Ava and Carol Detective Agency: Dognapped

by Thomas Lockhaven
When a famous show dog “Mr. Binxley” is stolen, twelve-year-old detectives, Ava and Carol jump at the opportunity to track down the dognapper. A strand of hair, a giant shoeprint – the girls begin putting together a series of clues and suspects that lead them closer to the bad guy.

The Eye of God

Ava and Carol Detective Agency: The Eye of God

by Thomas Lockhaven
For Ava and Carol, the famous pair of middle school sleuths, even a casual visit to the National Gallery of Art can lead to a mystifying and pulse-racing adventure. In The Missing Painting, the girls team up with local police and a museum security guard to unlock the clues behind a painting that’s missing, yet still there, and a painting that’s there…but really not?

The Curse of the Red Devil

Ava and Carol Detective Agency: The Curse of the Red Devil

by Thomas Lockhaven
The Amazon Jungle is dangerous enough, filled with venomous snakes, poisonous insects and man-eating caiman. Add to that, a local legend of a Devil that can steal your soul just by looking into its eyes, and a group of smugglers bent on wreaking havoc on the Rainforest, and you’ve got all the ingredients for Ava and Carol’s Brazilian Jungle Vacation.