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Code to Zero

code to zero, historical fiction books,code_to_zero_ken_follett_best_seller_historical_fiction_mystery_thriller_suspense_espionage_spies_politics_conspiracies_amazon_kindle_ebooks

code to zero, historical fiction books,code_to_zero_ken_follett_best_seller_historical_fiction_mystery_thriller_suspense_espionage_spies_politics_conspiracies_amazon_kindle_ebooksCode to Zero

by Ken Follett

★★★★★ Keeps you on the edge of your seat. A great read. Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes action and intrigue.

★★★★★ Code to Zero is a thoughtful, though fast-paced thriller. Dialogue and mores were true to the time period. Follett is an excellent writer.
★★★★★ Great, Follett at his best. The story rockets along at a space age pace. I loved every page in this story.
★★★★★ Ken Follett never fails to entertain the reader, drawing them into the story and inducing them to rapidly turn the pages. It is never a dull read.
★★★★★ I read almost everything Follett has written and enjoyed every book not many author’s like him around.
In this classic Cold War thriller, #1 New York Times bestselling author Ken Follett puts his own electrifying twist on the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. As the clock counts down to a shocking climax, “Code to Zero‘s split-second suspense proves that . . . [Follett is] still a hell of a storyteller” (Entertainment Weekly). Look out for Ken’s newest book, A Column of Fire, available now.

January, 1958—the darkest hour of the Cold War and the early dawn of the space race. On the launch pad at Cape Canaveral sits America’s best hope to catch up with the Russians: the Explorer I satellite. But at the last moment, the launch is delayed due to weather, even though everyone can see it is a perfectly sunny day.The real reason for the delay rests deep in the mind of a NASA scientist who has awoken that morning to find his memory completely erased. Knowing only that he’s being followed and watched at every turn, he must find the clues to his own identity before he can discover who is responsible. But even more terrible is the dark secret that they want him to forget. A secret that can destroy the Explorer I—and America’s future. . . .Praise for Code to Zero:“This spy thriller is Follett at his best.” —People“Starts off fast and never slows down. . . . Follett creates a rousing story that never flags.” —Chicago Tribune

“Gripping.” —The New York Times

“Flawlessly plotted, tautly told, and suspenseful.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A winner . . . a jolting joyride.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch 

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